Thursday, 3 July 2008

First Legal Drink

Following on from Anthony's Perran Sands's one taken at one of the nightclubs on the camp. My 18th birthday, August 19th 1979. From left to right: Mike Parker, Mike Applebee, Jonathan Handley & Myself. I'm not sure what we were all looking so pensive about...probably just trying to look serious and grown-up...and failing. Posted by Steve


As previously mentioned by Anthony, females did feature on the scene when we weren't just doing the 'blokey' stuff. Here's a photo of myself and Kathryn Middleton taken at the very first gig I did with a band called The Flexitoys at the Tyringham Arms, Lelant in Cornwall. About 1980 I would imagine.
Posted by Steve

Oh what fun we had...

As already discussed, we had a lot of fun at Perran Sands. The staff were treated like shit, but we didn't care. Free/cheap food from the catering staff, very cheap drinks from the bar staff. No wonder management hated us. Most nights we would end up in one of the pub/clubs partying away (at least I did anyway). There are a number of pics of these occasions (1979) taken by the official photographers, of various groups of pissed staff. This one is predominantly catering staff. Back row from right to left, the chef from St. Agnes (?), Jon Smith, Denise, Mike Parker, and Yvonne. On the left hand side in the white top is Chrissie, who I really fancied, but that's a long story...Second row from right; Ron the Welsh kitchen porter alcoholic who used to play House of the Rising Sun on guitar when pissed, Jon Handley, Debbie Strutt. Mick May in the middle of the front row with the Catering Manager on his lap. I had a very brief thing with the girl front right, Liz.
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In case you think it was all about the boys (and it mostly was), there were a number of girls as well. Mike Applebee went out with Catherine Parker, Steve went out with Kathryn Middleton, Mike Parker with Annie Harding amongst others, Jon Smith with Cathie Archer and Anthony Hewitt with Shirley Northey. Shirley was my first proper girlfriend, but being a callow and ignorant youth it was some years before I appreciated quite how lovely she was, and what a mug I was for dumping such a fine girl and going out with a succession of psychos instead. Luckily for Shirley, she now has a good bloke, sons, etc and has moved back to the Old Country.
Posted by Anthony