Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ziggy Played Guitar

Hello, hello...testing, testing this thing still on? Oh yes, a mere Four Years (stuck on our eyes) have just passed since our last post. A slight kink in the matrix perhaps?

Anyway, here we are in the cold, dark, early days of 2016. There's much to catch up on but the blackest star(t) to a year I can remember has been marked by the passing of one of the cultural leading lights of at least two generations. I can hardly explain the influence that this artist has had on my life and I know that I can say the same for the rest of the droof boys. I will return to this at some point but emotions are still raw and near the surface.

I'm fortunate to live close enough to the centre of London and pay a visit to the place which I know many of us believe as the centre of the known Ziggy Stardust universe. While the rest of the world homed in on Brixton and New York, the few came here. Surely this is (was) the humble back street where Ziggy's Starman first beamed down? Of course it was, there's even a plaque on the wall to prove it now.

I will leave you with this...a short video I found on YouTube taken the day after I visited. It fades out on the tribute I left on behalf of the droof boys and others who I know would have been there on the morning of January 11th if they weren't so far away...

Thanks to Andrea for making and sending me the video. We will return to Heddon Street on another day.

Posted by Steve