Friday, 10 April 2009

Bacon Sandwich

From left to right: Perry Watson, Steve Cox, Jon Handley (kneeling), Mike Applebee, Paul Eustice, Robert Hellings and Simon Hart discuss bacon sandwiches.

This rather blurry photo (taken by Anthony with a cheap camera he tells me), shows a crowd of Droof boys on the way back from one of Jon Smith's legendary parties at Nancemellin. I think we were all a little worse for wear and probably hadn't had more than a couple of hours sleep amongst the hay bales in the barn. My memory is a little hazy but I recall somebody mentioning the fatal words 'bacon sandwich' at which point we all started salivating and the mission was then on to go and track one down in Camborne.

I think it may have been a Sunday so our quest became quite desperate but we finally managed to track one down somewhere. I remember trying the bus station but we might have eventually found a little cafe somewhere that made them. They weren't actually very nice I remember but they sated our hunger and off we departed to our separate homes.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Parker's Kitchen

Mike brews up

Parker's kitchen at Melrose House was...and probably still is the centre of the known universe. Anyone who has experienced the joy of sitting around the Melrose House kitchen table whilst enjoying one of Sheila Parker's magnificent meals will know the true joy of 'home cooking' and being made to feel welcome...even if you were a virtual stranger.

This is me and Mike just back from picking 'shrooms' I believe. Shroom tea was a splendid way to end off a Sunday afternoon walk in the 'Roly-Poly' fields above Melrose House in Lanner. Our parents had to put up with insane giggling over Sunday night roasts and we are sorry for that...

Footnote: I am kitted out in full Pratts Army/Navy Surplus Great Coat (Sgt. Evans 6'7" it said on the inside pocket) gear with obligitory college scarf. Mike has settled for the casual combat jacket.

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Looking For The Aliens

click on image for closer look

Strange events have occurred since last week. Firstly, I suddenly found myself in contact with Paul Eustice again after an 18 year estrangement. Emails have been exchanged, memories have been jolted and a pledge to meet up in the near future has been made.

Secondly, an alien visitation happened yesterday when I discovered a package had been delivered and was left on the tank of my motorbike. On opening, I discovered two copies of the Flight Seven Seven single: 'Looking For The Aliens/Stranger'. All of my vinyl 45s disappeared after I left home as I carelessly left them in the care of my parents who duly disposed of them after I had flown the nest. My copy of this (and Mushy Doubt) were dispatched to a Lanner Women's Institute jumble sale no doubt.

Anyway, these two songs were the first ever to be recorded by the band in May 1982 (so it says on the sleeve notes). I remember two days spent at John Knight Studios, near Coverack, Helston. Recording, mixing, drinking cups of tea and smoking fags at the studios which must have been a converted military installation of some sort. From the outside it appeared to be a giant grassy mound with a door in it in the middle of the middle of nowhere. I remember going outside for a smoke at one night when we were there late mixing the tracks down. My eyes scanned the starry skies looking for aliens but there were none. None that I saw anyway. I believe Paul took a few photos whist we were there...Paul?

Flight Seven Seven at Carlyon Bay

John Knight, who also ran a small advertising agency (and still does by the look of things) was so taken with us that he asked us to return and record a couple of short jingles for the local drinks manufacturer 'Jollys'. I think they were used on a TSW TV ad a few times. "We're the Jollys...."

Fun times indeed.

I have yet to set my turntable up to listen to and convert these track into MP3s...but it will happen soon.

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