Thursday, 9 April 2009

Parker's Kitchen

Mike brews up

Parker's kitchen at Melrose House was...and probably still is the centre of the known universe. Anyone who has experienced the joy of sitting around the Melrose House kitchen table whilst enjoying one of Sheila Parker's magnificent meals will know the true joy of 'home cooking' and being made to feel welcome...even if you were a virtual stranger.

This is me and Mike just back from picking 'shrooms' I believe. Shroom tea was a splendid way to end off a Sunday afternoon walk in the 'Roly-Poly' fields above Melrose House in Lanner. Our parents had to put up with insane giggling over Sunday night roasts and we are sorry for that...

Footnote: I am kitted out in full Pratts Army/Navy Surplus Great Coat (Sgt. Evans 6'7" it said on the inside pocket) gear with obligitory college scarf. Mike has settled for the casual combat jacket.

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