Friday, 10 April 2009

Bacon Sandwich

From left to right: Perry Watson, Steve Cox, Jon Handley (kneeling), Mike Applebee, Paul Eustice, Robert Hellings and Simon Hart discuss bacon sandwiches.

This rather blurry photo (taken by Anthony with a cheap camera he tells me), shows a crowd of Droof boys on the way back from one of Jon Smith's legendary parties at Nancemellin. I think we were all a little worse for wear and probably hadn't had more than a couple of hours sleep amongst the hay bales in the barn. My memory is a little hazy but I recall somebody mentioning the fatal words 'bacon sandwich' at which point we all started salivating and the mission was then on to go and track one down in Camborne.

I think it may have been a Sunday so our quest became quite desperate but we finally managed to track one down somewhere. I remember trying the bus station but we might have eventually found a little cafe somewhere that made them. They weren't actually very nice I remember but they sated our hunger and off we departed to our separate homes.

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