Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Halloween Meet Up

From left to right: Steve Rose, Nick Arkle, Steve Cox, Paul Eustice, Mike Applebee and Philip Gilbert

It's been quite a while since the last post but there was a small gathering of Droofers last weekend in Bristol on Halloween to be precise. Four Droof Boys were in attendance with the addition of two old friends and band members who used to play in bands with Paul and Steve in the eighties. Steve Rose, originally from Bristol but now residing in Baltimore, USA. He still plays drums with his band Vulgaria. The other honorary member for the night was Nick Arkle, keyboard player and prankster extraordinaire.

In true Droofboy fashion, nobody could be bothered to make the effort to dress up for Halloween but Nick did bring along a bag of witches fingers, fangs and dubious looking lollies which came in very useful whilst sampling the delights of the Chinese food spread out on good old lazy Susan.

Plumping for the 'eat as much as you can for £15.50' option, the boys acquitted themselves well and managed to come back for seconds on several dishes. We didn't quite manage all 65 dishes on offer but it was a good effort. Phil tried squid for the first and last time.

The friendly staff at The Water Sky Restaurant were more than attentive as the lads quaffed oriental lagers and fumbled with chopsticks late into the evening. Much fun was had by all and we all piled back to Mike's to reminisce and talk nonsense into the small hours before falling asleep on inflatable things that snored in the night.

Posted by Steve


Anonymous said...

Hi guys - nice to hear an update - maybe if anyone is around in 'droof over Christmas we can meet up?
Mike - loved the "CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO WERE BORN IN..." - forwarded it to others who date from that era.
Cheers for now
Jonathan H

Philip said...

A truly fantastic weekend which was only marred...by a squid

Paul Eustice said...

We should make it an annual event! I know Droofboys do it dreckly but a quarter of a century's a bit too long a wait. Best avoid anything 'squid-like' though. We'll bring pasties next time.