Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Young People

Top pic: Marc Simmons, Steve Cox, Jon Cox, Mike Applebee, 80sish?
Bottom pic: Jon Handley, Jon Smith, Mike Applebee, Marc Simmons, 80ish for a guess. Mike looking virtually unconscious, obviously overcome by Jon's rock n'roll charisma.

Confused identities

Jon Cox and Angie Clay, probably around '79/80. Jon looking like a proper punk, Angie looking like the troubled Leonard Cohen fan that she was in those days. Jon now lives in Thailand, Angie is now a deputy head teacher in Bristol, two kids grown up and another young one with her puppeteer husband. I went out with Angie for a couple of lively years, part of which we were living in Clapham, with Jon Smith camping in the front room, Catherine Parker upstairs, and a load of Cornish squatters next door.
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More Perran Sands 1979

A fairly typical night out in one of the many bars at Perran Sands, can't remember any of their names. Left to right are Denise, Ron, ?, Mick May, Yvonne, ?, Me (Anthony) - as stylishly dressed as I usually was, and various others, with Mike Parker and Jon Smith on the right, where Jon has been ever since!
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Old Skool

Some photos that Phil took of the old Grammar School as it now is, having seen better days. To me there's something about corridors and stairwells that I associate with school, probably as we had more fun in them than in the actual classroooms.