Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Old Skool

Some photos that Phil took of the old Grammar School as it now is, having seen better days. To me there's something about corridors and stairwells that I associate with school, probably as we had more fun in them than in the actual classroooms.


Steve Cox said...

I know what you mean about the stairwells. Whenever I think of the old Grammar school I have an image of two lines of boys led by masters in gowns, one going up and one going down this staircase between lessons. I have this image of walking behind one of the masters (Mr Brown?)wearing his long black gown which to me looked like a vampire's cloak. Spooky.

Captain Mantastic said...
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Captain Mantastic said...

That's where I used to have English with the sexy Miss Partington whom I had a big crush on and I had her for three years straight. At the end of the final lesson we had with her I gave a quick kiss on Partington's cheek on the way out of the classroom as a goodbye. She was flattered and a bit surprised. Great teacher.