Friday, 13 March 2009

Famous Droof Boys No.2 - Rory McGrath

Rory McGrath on 'Have I got News For You'.
Not quite as good looking as the rest of us and slightly older, Rory McGrath is probably the most famous droof boy to come out of Redruth Grammar School and that's saying something obviously.

He was in the Sixth Form whist we were in the first and second years I think during our time at RGS. I don't really remember him specifically to be honest. He might have sold me a cream bun or a giant Tea Cake out of the 6th Form window, as they did before Buck took over and legalised proceedings with his 'Tuck Shop'.

Cream bun - as sold by Rory McGrath as a Sixth Former

Most older boys at the school had so much hair they all looked the same anyway. Hair was definitely 'in' in the early Seventies. Just look at the school photo again. Scary. Rory's hair has calmed down a bit but is still essentially a slimmed down 1973 job in my opinion. (More on hair later).

(Temporarily I am unable to locate Rory in one of the panoramic school photos. Perhaps Anthony or Phil or Mike can help out there?)

I saw Rory ranting about how he hates carrots in Cornish Pasties on 'Grumpy Old Men' a while back. He protested that they shouldn't be allowed to include carrot as they have no business being in there. With you on that one Rory mate. That also should include peas. Don't get me started on Chicken Tikka pasties either.

Beef?...yes, potato?...yes, onion?...yes, swede/turnip?...yes, salt and pepper?...yes.

Carrot?...on your bike mate.

Ban Ginsters as well whilst you're at it...bloody horrible state of affairs.

Posted by Steve

From Phil: I can remember calling Rory McGrath a poofter (for not letting me inside at lunchtime) and regretting it - got held upside down over the lav til I apologised. As I recall he was ok though.

Nice one Phil, thanks for sharing.

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