Friday, 13 March 2009

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow? Or Just Hair Yesterday?

As Anthony has already mentioned in several previous posts, hair has always been a big feature if you came from Redruth. Ok, that's not exactly true but if we cast our minds back beyond the Eighties and the Uber Mullets, you might begin to understand where we were coming from...and that it wasn't our fault particularly.

I present...Hair of 1973. Just a few heads plucked out at random from a school photo of the day. Hell, even the teachers were at it (bottom row).

Click on photo for closer look

My personal favourite has to go to the young man, far left, middle row. I don't know who you were sir but I am amazed that they actually let you into the school looking like that. Bloody hell...what happened? Looks like you slept in a tight corner or something. What did you think to yourself when you looked at the mirror in the morning? "Hey, nice hair...the girls are going to love that"?

Ok, that's enough about hair for now.

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Anonymous said...

That is very funny. Fucking hairy Tom Trust, god I hated him. Still do come to think of it.