Saturday, 21 November 2009


Mike Applebee just reminded me that back in 1973, several of us bought copies of Golden Earring's 'Radar Love' single from a couple of school prefects for 15 pence a copy. My memory is hazy but I vaguely remember playing football out on the playing fields and then being distracted by a small crowd forming around a cardboard box full of vinyl 45s.

I don't even know if I'd heard of Golden Earring before but I bought one anyway so as not to miss out, just in case it was any good.

Little did any of us know that it would go down in history as a classic rock standard.

Where did the prefects get them from though?


Paul Eustice said...

I remember this and still have the single in my attic. Great tune, it always takes me back to cream cakes during morning break, Buck's tuck shop... "Get orf that thar table boy!" I think the prefect was a chap who used to live out at Baripper. Possibly called Andy? I played it on my Fidelity mono record player which I hooked up to an extra external speaker on my ITT cassette recorder for extra thrill.

rcrocker said...

So I just found your website whilst looking for ideas for my husband's 50th birthday. He went to Redruth Grammar school, I'm guessing from about 1972 onwards. his name is Mark Crocker, and he travelled from Truro on the train every day. If anyone could figure out what teachers were there when he was, that would help me out. we met after he'd finished school, so i don't know the names of any of his classmates either!

Steve Cox said...

I remember a Mark Crocker, possibly a year above me? We (droof boys) are having a 50th birthday bash in 2011 so that adds up. I'm sure we can come up with a list of teachers around 1972 but what exactly are you after...I'm sure we can help in some way or another...