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After The Imports, was...FlexiToys. Here they are at the Penventon Hotel, Apollo Nightclub sometime in 1981 (according to Paul Eustice) doing a sound check before the Art School Dance. Paul Eustice left, Steve Cox middle, both playing guitar, and I'm not sure who's playing bass on the right, though it looks a lot like Dave Sweet. My memory of those days is a bit rusty. No drummer?
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Yes indeed. This was a sound check before the first of several Art School Dances we performed at. I can tell you that we were actually playing a cover of 'Sultans of Swing' by Dire Straits as I was playing rhythm guitar to Paul E's lead. I can also confirm that it is Dave Sweet on bass and the drummer (out of shot) was Mike Tremethick as seen in the West Briton aand Falmouth Packet photos above. Little did we know that one of us was going to end up in hospital later on that night...

The photo was taken by a guy called Robin Burns who's mother used to live next door to Mike
Applebee's mum in Tregajorran. Robin was also at the Art College with us and this was developed in the Art School photo labs. I also bought Robin's Honda CB 175 off him whilst at college and that served me well for several years.

Sadly Robin died in an accident several years later after he emigrated to the USA and joined the US Lifeguard.
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