Saturday, 4 October 2008

Flight 77

And after Flexi Toys came....Flight 77! This very professional looking picture was apparently taken in front of Dave's garage by the West Briton Newspaper, Redruth's version of the NME (not really), perhaps in 82/83. At the back is the drummer whose name I can't remember and Steve Cox, who I am fairly certain was on bass then, and at the front Paul Eustice (guitar) on the left and an unusually moody looking Dave Sweet (vocals) on the right. Must have been the look in those days, as Dave normally looks very...sweet. They all had very nice hair...
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The drummer was called Mike Tremethick and he was a very good drummer. His Stuart Copeland style Rototom fills were pretty awesome. After a quick Google I found out he's still playing in a band called 'Area 51'. You can read about him here. Flexitoys and Flight 77 even get a mention.

I can't remember why the West Briton took our photo but we did get another entry in The Falmouth Packet after our first gig at the Penventon. See the post: 'Smashing Night'.

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