Saturday, 4 October 2008

Love Among The Ruins

And after Flight 77 came....Love Among the Ruins, though I think that may have been a name change rather than anything else. Great photo, apparently taken at Roche (near the Eden Project) out in the wilds, somewhere circa 83/84. Bit outside the Droof Boys time period, but interesting to see the progression. Left to right, Steve Cox, Paul Eustice, Dave Sweet. Great expressions, lads! And the amiable Dave looking particularly mean!
Posted by Anthony

Yes, these promo photos were taken by a student from Filton College we got to know. We spent a couple of days in Cornwall roaming about finding locations to take them. That's Roche Rock with it's little hermit's chapel on top in the background. We also went to Tintagel and Carn Brea if I remember. Zero points for spotting the similarity to the U2 Joshua Tree period photos. Very eighties.
Posted by Steve

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Paul Eustice said...

Hi everyone. No, I'm not dead... just resting. Saw all this stuff about the old band(s). What a remarkable memory Steve Cox has?

I have a few pics of Flexi's and The Ruins. Nick Arkle also digitally re mastered most of the old Ruins stuff which I have on CD. People ask me for copies to this day (if anyone's interested let me know).

Paul Eustice