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Carn Brea

© Steve Cox 1978

Carn Brea was probably the epicentre of our escapades around Redruth and mid-Cornwall in the mid to late 70's. Almost a central island overlooking Redruth and Pool, with Camborne to the West, St. Agnes to the North and Lanner to the South. Often a rugged route home to Mike Applebee's in Tregajorran after a night out at the London Inn, Redruth to watch a band or just drink some beer.

One of the most atmospheric places you will find in the area day or night. The picture above is an image I created by drawing over a black & white un-fixed photo with waterproof ink and then washing the photo away. I did this during my foundation year at the art college in Pool which is right at the foot of Carn Brea.

The two photos below were taken by Phil G and show myself, Mike Applebee and Marc Simmons larking about on Midsummer's Eve 1980. The weather was cold and windy for a Summer's evening.

Photos by Phil Gilbert

I found this old pastel sketch in an old sketchbook dated November 15th 1978 which I think commemorates the fateful 'Gollum' night (see previous entry). We had just come back from The London Inn after watching the Braniac Five featuring Bert Biscoe. I think we took several hours getting home, taking a 'short' cut through the St. Euny churchyard, over Carn Brea and then down to Tregajorran. We were in our own world up on Carn Brea that night.

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