Sunday, 15 June 2008

Mr Non-Electric

Jon Smith had us in stitches (again) the other night at a very enjoyable 'Cornish Boy's' get-to-gether 'round at Anthony's last week. He proudly claimed that he was the only one of us who could continue with his work 'without electricity'. One can only assume that his home also runs without this new-fangled technology and they are using telephones powered purely by vegetable oil. It's fairly unlikely that we will be seeing any postings from Jon personally for the time being as he won't share his email address with anyone in case somebody steals his identity. Would anybody actually want to steal it I'd like to know? Rumour has it that he is in possession of an elastic band-powered email address but at present it's top secret.

Back in the day Jon was a very talented performer and would entertain us for hours with incredible stories he'd made up or just sheer brilliant tomfoolery. Here we can see Jon entertaining with some false teeth purloined from his elder brother Brenton, who I believe was studying as a dental technician at the time.

To this day Jon maintains many fierce beliefs and wondrous philosophies that leave us reeling in his wake...
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