Saturday, 14 June 2008

Melrose House 197?

In the kitchen at Melrose House in Lanner, the house of the Parker family. We seemed to end up in here a lot. Left to right: Mike Applebee, Mike Parker, Steve Cox, Catherine Parker behind and Jonathan Handley on the right. Catherine looks so young! I think this was before she was going out with Mike Applebee, and definitely before she married Steve Cox. That's the Cornish for you, why look further afield! Judging by the bleary eyes I think this was probably one of the numerous 'mornings after'. And that's why I can't remember much before I was 25.
Posted by Anthony


Droof Boys said...

I think this is possibly 1977?

Steve Cox said...

I've always hated this photo for obvious reasons. I'm not the only one with a shite haircut here but what was the face I was pulling all about?
What a nob!