Thursday, 12 June 2008

School Staircase

Amazing what you find on the internet when you hunt around. No prizes for guessing where these were taken. The school has been converted into a series of artist's workshops apparently. Tell us about it Phil, you went there recently didn't you? Is that really the same red lino thousands upon thousands of Redruth Grammar boys have trodden upon over the decades? The bigger photo shows the foyer or whatever it was called. Remember the vending machine that would have been there against the wall on the right? Two pence for a cup of hot chocolate in a buff-coloured plastic cup if I remember correctly. What was behind that blue door in the background? I remember a list of 'War Dead' high up on the wall. There was also a wooden carving of a woman carrying a baby or something there on the window ledge in the smaller photo on the left. Vague memories of an ape or something as well...or maybe that was just one of the masters? Must have trudged up and down these stairs hundreds of times over the years. Not sure what Mr Davey would make of the furniture..."Ssssh babes". Posted by Steve
Photos were pilfered from here.

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