Thursday, 12 June 2008

Geography Field 'Trip'

Left to right: Anthony Hewitt, Mike Parker (hiding), Matthew Watson, Richard 'Wombie' Commons. A geography field trip and an excuse to shun school uniform and look stranger than normal. This pic was taken at the bottom end of the Tolgus playing fields.
Posted by Anthony

I think I was at college by this point so I'm guessing 1978. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't psilocybian substances play a part in this photo!? - Steve


Droof Boys said...

It would be useful to know what years these are from if you post old photos Phil.

Droof Boys said...

Not Phil, but Anthony! No idea why its called me Phil. And I've no idea what year it was. Its like the 60s, if you were there, you can't remember it. At least I can't.

Droof Boys said...

Oh, it's you! I thought you were leaving this alone until next week!?

It's me calling you 'Phil'. I will correct that. Just thought we should say who made the posting so we know who is who...already we're confused, I love it!